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Thanksgiving Reflections

As we wind down the year, some of us are already planning our options in the coming year. That includes me. But, while our new year resolutions are focused on future objectives, we may lose sight of the achievements and thankful moments we had in the past year. For one thing, we made it through another year, and every year brings some growth and change.

Makes no difference whether it was a smooth ride or a rough and tumble one. You can be grateful for the good fortunes enjoyed during the year, and, perhaps, even more grateful that you were able to weather the stormy circumstances. End of year holidays keep us wide-eyed for the gifts that we will get; Thanksgiving makes us look at the gifts we already have.

So, time to assess. Here are some potential multiple choice responses -- feel free to add some of your more personal reasons.

(a) That crotchety client, at least, paid the bill.

(b) Win or lose, I brought another case to conclusion.

(c) I earned a law degree - no easy status to acquire.

(d) I advise and guide people through the legal process.

(e) all of the above.

(f) none of the above, except for (c).

As for me, I am continually grateful for being a member of the legal profession. I enjoyed the experiences of being a practitioner and judge, and still enjoy the opportunities of speaking, teaching, and sharing with colleagues and students. I know, firsthand, that it is not an easy or smooth road to follow. There are moments that can bring you low, but, there are also moments that make you soar. I do admit that I like the challenges.

For my closing sermon, I wish you all a healthy and festive Thanksgiving holiday, followed by a new round of events to be thankful for.

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