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My judicial experience has led me to observe that more than a few lawyers could have improved their clients' chances for success by focusing their presentations better.  A judge primarily wants to hear the points critical to the ultimate decision stated accurately and succinctly.  Judge For Yourself makes such a perspective available to a practitioner who is understandably immersed in the details of the case.  The benefit of such a consultation can be a more effective presentation in court. 


Now, as a retired judge, I will provide feedback on the perspective of the bench to prepare lawyers for their appearances at court, whether it is for trial, argument on a motion, or even for negotiations with opposing counsel.  My objective is to make  counsel more effective, improve the image of the bar and elevate the level of public confidence in the legal profession. 


As representatives of our legal system, lawyers are often the final buffers between government regulations and the rights of their clients.  To fall short is a disservice to those we serve.  Judge For Yourself is an opportunity to partner the bench and the bar that will give lawyers an edge in presenting their cases, and rightly balance the scales of justice.


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