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Find out how to influence the Judge’s opinion before you argue your case and get the answers to the following questions:

  • Do you have a winning argument? 

  • Would it be persuasive or convincing to the judge, or even to your adversary? 

  • Did you fail to include an important point, one that may make or break your case? 


Often, these are questions that are answered after your presentation at court or at conference with the other side.  What if you could apply your 20/20 hindsight prior to your argument?  Judge Eileen N. Nadelson (Ret.) is making that available to the bar.  You posit the legal issues of the case and, in return, you get an honest critique of how the argument may be viewed by the court and/or opposing counsel  --  its strengths, its weaknesses, what helps, what hinders. 


Judge Nadelson guides you on how to embellish or improve your argument, i.e., what works, what doesn’t, what may need more, what may need less.  You get to test out the points of your case before a judge before you have to go before a judge (whew, that’s a mind twister).  It’s like having an ex parte discussion, which could never happen with the sitting judge, but now is possible with a retired judge. 


You now have available the kind of mentoring that may be on every lawyer’s wish list as he/she prepares the case.  Whether you are a solo practitioner or member of a firm, you get an edge in the legal playing field, which is equally effective at settlement conferences as in the courtroom.  Read on for our services and how we can work together.   


Options for Services and Fees    


Judge Nadelson offers her input on various levels.  More than one case may be presented for analysis. 


            a)   Group in-person  --  $300 - 2 hr session [two or more members of firm].  

                                                   no extra fees for travel

            b)   Telephone/Virtual  --  $150/hr prorated. 

            c)   Analysis of Documentation and Briefs  --  $150/hr prorated. 


            d)   Six month or annual retainer -- Fee to be negotiated; no additional fees, except

                        for out-of-pocket expenses such as copying, mailing.

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