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New Year Mantra

Santa made his list for Christmas -- hope you were on it, or whatever other list you may subscribe to. Now, it's time to make our list for the new year. Instead of the usual resolutions, I request that you broaden your perspective. Put aside, for the moment, that schedule of promises (which you probably won't keep, anyway), and latch on to how you want to practice your profession (or business).

For example, you may want to target higher-end clients, or those in a special industry. Perhaps, you are eager to rev up your writing skills, improve your negotiation skills, see more winning arguments (in your favor, of course), or get more recognition among your colleagues. It's a broad brush on the canvas, with no specific outcome. Yet, it works. Let me explain how.

Mind comes first, action follows. That concept is generally hidden from us. We are often flitting about in all directions, hoping that the activity will materialize our expectations. Good luck on that. Better to think about how you want it to be, and sit still for awhile. The way you think is the way you act.

Does this all sound a bit "airy-fairy?" Yup. I thought so, too. It requires a leap of faith and trust. I tried it with success. I know of many others who tried it with similar success. No downside - if it doesn't work for you - you get no gain, but also, no loss.

If you are totally confused by it all, you can contact me directly (no hitches) and I will clarify it further. That fits in with my objective to raise the bar and the effectiveness of its practitioners. And, that -- is my mantra for the new year.

Have a Happy New Year! Eileen N. Nadelson

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