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Test your case with a judge before you go to court or your conference.

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What you say and how you say it makes all the difference.  Law school provides the language, but not the style of advocacy.  I am determined to elevate the bar with the most effective counsel.  That raises your reputation, the legal profession, and, of course, public confidence.  

See more about this in the Mission statement.


Learn what the Judge looks for before you argue your case and get the answers to the following questions:

Do you have a winning argument?  Would it be persuasive or convincing to the judge, or even to your adversary?  Did you fail to include an important point, one that may make or break your case?  

Who We Are
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Judge Nadelson is the founder of this new concept and brings a varied background to her judicial experience.  She began her career as an educator before entering the commercial world and operating her own business.  During law school, she clerked with the New York State Attorney General’s Office in the Investor Protection and Securities Divisions...


Oded Ben-Ami, Esq.

Islandia, NY

What a great idea – a very useful resource.  Gained confidence in my case.  Gave me an edge I didn’t even expect.

Daniel M. Luisi, Esq.

Brooklyn, NY

Personally, i can say that the Judge has more than once provided the key insight that I later used to win my case or get the settlement my client wanted.  Every session I've had with the Judge significantly widened my perspective on the case and pushed me to be more creative in my approach and think outside the box.  If you moot a case before Judge Nadelson you'll know if your argument will hold water.

Hugh G. Jasne

White Plains, NY

We engaged the judge in a highly contentious contract litigation, and were impressed with how quickly she focused in on the points. Her insights and guidance made it possible to negotiate a settlement later that day.

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Jasne &

Florio, LLP

All information provided to the judge by the attorney, relating to the case or cases analyzed, shall be kept in strictest confidence, in accordance with the professional code of conduct. 


The judge is not an affiliate, nor shall be deemed an employee, of any attorney, law office, law firm, or other association of lawyers, for whom services were rendered. 

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